The Business And Commercial Litigation Group of Austin & Rogers, P.A. represents both individuals and business clients in all forums. Whether the controversy arises in the South Carolina state or federal courts or in an administrative or alternative dispute resolution proceeding, we strive to advance our clients' business goals and objectives while resolving the litigation in the most cost-efficient and expedient manner available. We also provide guidance to our clients on methods of avoiding litigation and advice on using negotiation, mediation, and other non-litigation alternatives in order to resolve business and commercial disputes.

Our Business Litigation Group is experienced in handling a wide range of business disputes including:

  • Unfair trade practices
  • Trade secrets
  • Employment law
  • Real estate and construction
  • Professional negligence defense


Business Law
The Business Law Group of Austin & Rogers, P.A. helps clients in all aspects of their formation and growth. We provide general and specialized corporate advice on virtually any kind of business or strategic issue that might arise with our private and public clients. The matters handled within our Group range from major business transactions, such as buying, selling, or merging businesses, to assisting clients with a wide variety of ongoing business arrangements. The scope of this practice includes the following:

  • Formation and structure of companies
  • Planning with respect to financing of business operations and growth
  • Strategic planning on growth and other matters
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Merging and consolidating businesses
  • Stock options and other compensation matters
  • Business plan review and advice

Employment Litigation
The attorneys of Austin & Rogers, P.A., provide counseling to clients on an ongoing basis on matters such as wage and hours of work, employment discrimination, competition agreements or disputes, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, family and medical leave, employee benefits, pension plans, whistleblower claims, and various other issues related to employment. We have significant expertise in employment related issues and appearances before the Employment Security Commission and appeals there from.

Public Utilities Regulation and Litigation
The Public Utilities Practice Group of Austin & Rogers, P.A. serves national and local clients facing representational issues arising from governmental regulation of industry and public utilities. Whether at the regulatory, rulemaking, administrative or litigation level, the attorneys in our Public Utilities Practice Group understand the specific issues faced by regulated industries doing business in South Carolina. Our practice in this area is heavily focused on the major public utilities including electric, water, and sewer; telecommunications; and local governance issues related to the cable television industry.

We regularly represent clients in a wide variety of cases before state and federal administrative agencies, including:

  • License and permit proceedings
  • Rate-making proceedings and investigations
  • Compliance actions
  • Rule-making proceedings
  • Contested case hearings
  • General state and local government relations

Governmental Relations
Governmental relations requires many years of involvement in the legislative and regulatory process to develop. Many of the lawyers at Austin & Rogers, P.A. have had extensive experience in this arena either as an elected official or as a lobbyist for others. William F. Austin, Tim Rogers have held elected or appointed offices during their careers and have expertise at all levels of federal and state government. Ray Lark, as a member of the Consumer Advocate's Staff for many years, has maintained his expertise within the Consumer Advocate's Office and other state agencies. Jeff Griffith, as a lobbyist with Duke Energy, has developed relationships within state government and state agencies that can assist in making a meaningful connection with a member of the legislature or state agency.

Professional Negligence Defense
At Austin & Rogers, P.A., we have the experience and expertise necessary to represent all professionals, such as architects, attorneys, nurses, doctors, accountants, and pharmacists, against claims of professional negligence. Professional negligence occurs when a professional fails to meet accepted performance standards. We can protect your interests in a wide variety of professional negligence cases, including malpractice claims and claims of insurance fraud. Simply receiving a negative outcome is not, in and of itself, evidence of malpractice, and the laws related to professional negligence are very clear about what types of activities constitute negligence, and they place strict limitations on the time frame for filing a claim and the damages that may be sought.

Health Care Law
Health Care Law expertise involves the formation and deconstruction of primarily health care practices. It also involves practice before the Department of Health and Environmental Control and other state agencies that routinely regulate health care providers. The attorneys of Austin & Rogers, P.A. are knowledgeable regarding the interaction between large health care facilities and ones set up to serve individuals that are financially challenged.